Nepal Ambulance Service
implement by Ministry of Health
sponsor by World Health Organization

Pre registration compulsory

Limited registration


The people in Nepal have been hit hard owing to the lack of prehospital care (ambulance service) in rural as well as urban areas. Patients and their families in urban areas are forced to pay overpriced fare to reach the hospital during times of emergency, while those living in remote regions are forced to carry patients to the nearest health facilities.

In Nepal, however, there are many obstacles to providing effective prehospital care:

  1. Roads to remote areas are still limited
  2. Inadequate health facilities to receive patients
  3. Lack of ambulance services in many regions of the country
  4. Staffing of ambulances by untrained drivers instead of EMTs and paramedics
  5. The vast majority of ambulances do not carry lifesaving equipment or medications
  6. Insufficient oxygen capacity of 9L in most ambulances